NAACP Manchester  Unit #2069

Our Objectives



The principal objectives of the NAACP are:

· To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens

· To achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States

· To remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes

· To seek enactment and enforcement of federal, state, and local laws securing civil rights

· To inform the public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and to seek its elimination

To educate persons as to their constitutional rights and to take all lawful action to secure the exercise thereof, and to take any other lawful action in furtherance of these objectives, consistent with the NAACP’s Articles of Incorporation and this Constitution. 

Our Activities


To meet those objectives our current activities are:

  • Meeting monthly to discuss issues in the community (4th Thursday at the Manchester Universal Unitarian Church
  • Facilitating discussions on race & diversity
  • Supporting a Bail Fund and Clinics for those challenged with the Criminal Justice System 
  • Participating in the annual Manchester We Are One Festival
  • Hosting the Annual Freedom Fund Dinner to celebrate achievements during the year (October 5, 2019)

Join Us


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